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Whatever you do with the lyrics/translations, please credit the translators and/or this PLEDGE 10. RUTHLESS DEED 11. PSYCHOPATH 12. VORTEX. Pledge lyrics by Gazette: Kizutsuketa to tashika / Kizukenakatta koto / Ayamachi no kazu kimi wo motome / Mitsume aeta hazu sa / Chisana. THE GAZETTE LYRIC EXPLANATION MASTERPOST The entire the GazettE . notice that there are times when ruki doesn't explain what the lyrics really are about. . VERMIN read leech. fun fact: vermin was supposed

The GazettE song composers So I was bored and made a list of who composed PLEDGE VORTEX BREAK ME INFUSE INTO VENOMOUS SPIDER'S. The GazettE Infuse Into Lyrics. Infuse Into lyrics performed by The GazettE.

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