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Naruto and the other characters are going to be going to high school and have crazy adventures, there is going to be romance, drama, and a lot of crazy Some. Konoha High School is where Naruto and friends go. It is a series that instead of holding kunai knives mastering ninjutsu and other shurikens they study 27 май 2012 Смотри Naruto - Konoha High School episode 1 Озвучил S@thal просмотров видео 47466. Naruto - Konoha High School episode.

What if the shinobi of Konoha were average high schoolers? Drama, love, and the pressure of partaking in the most prestigious school in all of the village. Sakura had been going to a private school since the beginning of high school. Her parents decide that she should move to the school with all her friends.

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